Food is an interesting part of the American culture because it is something that can be both familiar and alien at the same time. As we grow and mature our taste in food expands. This expansion of tastes spawns creativity in how our food is crafted and consumed. Due in large part to their creativity, Deep Ellum Restaurants have emerged as a favorite of Dallas foodies.

While the idea of a foodie is a national trend, the Deep Ellum neighborhood is certainly a prime target for a generation of diners that seek an adventurous experience. Driven to explore, Instashare, and Yelp! review, the foodie is an unique eater how descending on the area. At HIDE, we welcome food lovers of all kinds and we believe that at heart, we are all foodies. Let’s take a deeper look at why the Deep Ellum area is a food mecca that holds the key to any foodies’ heart and how HIDE fits perfectly into this foodie culture.

Eateries in Deep Ellum Throughout the Past

Even though Deep Ellum is known for its extremely popular bar scene and local music, it is also renowned for having some famous restaurant landmarks. The 1920s through the 1950s gave the thriving neighborhood the opportunity create a number of successful cafes. Mixed in with the musical boom and hopping night clubs were these original cafes and restaurants. Although time has erased the names of many of these original food establishments that fed amongst others the array of visiting musicians, history does repeats itself, and over time, a new breed of restaurant has been written into the Deep Ellum history books.

It is important to note that regardless of the period of time in Deep Ellum’s history, there is a sense of community that draws restaurant owners, bars, and crowds as if the neighborhood itself wields a magnetic force. So, the present just like the past, is a good time to explore the tastes that make Deep Ellum restaurants so appealing and unique.

Deep Ellum Restaurants Bring Class to Casual

When people think about dining in many areas of the Metroplex, one of the first thoughts that often pops into their minds is “Which suit or what dress am I going to wear for a night out?”

While dressing up may be the case at a posh Dallas steakhouse, Deep Ellum is an artsy district that blends casual dining with exceptional dishes that modern consumers have grown to appreciate.

Good eating doesn’t always have to be expensive and difficult to pronounce. In Deep Ellum, food lovers have several different options that to please their palate. From classic Tex-Mex at Pepe & Mito’s Mexican Café, to the best burgers in Deep Ellum over at HIDE, there is always something new to experience.

Even staples like pizza and sushi get a face-lift when they are enjoyed in Deep Ellum. Take a dive off of the deep end at Cane Rosso where you can enjoy a frozen limoncello with their take on Neopolitan-style pizza that won’t soon be forgotten. After dinner you may want to indulge your sweet tooth and bite into some brioche dough at Glazed Donut Works. Who needs Dunkins? Dallas simply runs on Deep Ellum! Life is about experiences and good times and that is exactly what the menus at Deep Ellum Restaurants deliver.

Step Into HIDE, Voted One of the Best Deep Ellum Restaurants

If unique dishes are the thrill that you seek, visit us at Hide where we are obsessed with our innovative cocktails and a made from scratch food menu that lives up to the standards set by our exceptional cocktails. If you crave upscale comfort food that rivals anything in our beloved neighborhood, then you have found the perfect spot to HIDE out and eat.

At HIDE, our dining experience combines the comfort of American classics with chef driven ingredients and techniques that make these time tested favorites seem new.

HIDE’s exceptional food was honored recently when Thrillist named HIDE to its list of “Dallas’ Best New Restaurants of 2017.” Here is some of what Thrillist had to say, “…. there’s not a lick of pretension to their stunningly simple and just plain-damn delicious bar food… This is a true American bar, and it walks the line of comfort and elevation.”

Take a Bite Out of One of the Best Dallas Restaurants

Starting with the freshest ingredients, HIDE’s culinary team serves up a selection of classic comfort food, all delivered with an upscale twist. HIDE’s food surprises and pleases even the most discerning of diners. So, if you are looking to enjoy some “stick to your ribs” American food at one of the best of the Deep Ellum Restaurants, choose HIDE. You won’t be disappointed.

One of our most popular plates is the crunchy, creamy and spicy Fried Chicken Sandwich. In naming this sandwich to its list, “The Greatest Dallas Sandwiches of 2017,” The Dallas Observer remarked: “The best fried chicken sandwiches are a high-wire act of heat, crackling skin, creaminess and sweetness… After a few bites, they’ll introduce some mind-slicing heat.”

HIDE’s fried chicken sandwich has to be tasted to be believed! And don’t forget to enjoy the fries and house made pickles that accompany this award winner!

Even if your tastes lean more toward fish or vegetarian choices, HIDE has you covered. For the fresh fish lover, we start off with crispy wonton shells then fill them with fresh Ahi Tuna, and then top it all off with Napa Cabbage slaw, pickled cucumbers, seaweed and a side of wasabi for an extra kick.

Vegetarians are also at home when dining at HIDE. Many go for the Vegetarian Toast, a delightful appetizer that starts with thick cut sourdough toast which is then topped with melted brie, onion jam and thinly sliced green apple. HIDE’s veggie sandwich is another winner. Piled high with thinly sliced pickled cauliflower, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, arugula, smashed avocado, tahini aioli and served on seeded wheat bread, it is a real treat. And, it is served with an ample portion of seasoned hand-cut fries. Bon Appetit!

HIDE, Where Mixology Meets Deep Ellum Dining

If you are eager to try something different and unique from other Deep Ellum restaurants, look no further than HIDE. We combine our love for creating exceptional cocktails and food with a commitment to excellent guest service. Join us soon and experience HIDE for yourself!