We do things differently around here.

We like our cocktails interesting, our food surprising, and our people just a little bit weird. Sure, we could throw down a really solid, by-the-book Moscow Mule or Old Fashioned like any other bar worth its salt, but that wouldn’t be as much fun, now would it?

Frankly, we prefer to spend our limited days on this planet creating things that don’t suck, which to us, means inspired flavors, combinations that haven’t been done-to-death, and high-quality food and drink served up at a great value and without all the jargon.

We like creating cocktails with brave flavor combinations that push the boundaries of the cocktail experience, with combinations that people have never tasted before, and creating space for people to hang out, make genuine connections with other people and just relax a bit.

Here’s the deal: we are obsessed with making our own ingredients. Our food has homegrown flavors and sticks to your ribs with a nod to our grandparents’ recipes. We craft our own cocktail flavorings, mixers, and garnishes. We prepare our ingredients in not-so-common ways (like reducing our own syrups, steeping custom tinctures, experimenting with extractions, and clarifying fresh juices with centrifuges and stuff) — but it’s not really about HOW we do it. It’s about the quality of the experience we share and setting our guests up to really ENJOY their time here.

So come on in, pull up a stool, and taste something a little adventurous. We bet you’ll be glad you did.