When HIDE was launched in January 2017, we didn’t want to be known as just another Deep Ellum bar. Instead, we set our sights on being the best Dallas Bar serving high quality cocktails and comfort food.

This Dallas Bar Does Cocktails Differently

To get there, we decided there were a few things we needed to obsess about and some things we absolutely had to do differently. Sure, we could throw down a really solid, by-the book Moscow Mule or an Old Fashioned like any other bar worth its salt. But that wouldn’t be as much fun, would it? So, here is what we obsess about:

First, we are laser focused on creating brave flavor combinations that push the boundaries. Our cocktail menu is filled with choices that are delicious, adventurous and surprising. Take our Figgy Stardust for one. Made with bourbon, fig, chipotle, lemon, aged maple balsamic and allspice tincture – it is truly amazing!

Secondly, we want our guests to have the opportunity to enjoy cocktails based on spirits they may not have experienced before or quite possibly even heard of. Some of HIDE’s best cocktails are made with spirits like Genever, Armagnac, Italicus and Cachaca to name just a few.

Finally, we are fully committed to making our own ingredients.  We craft our own cocktail flavorings, mixers and garnishes for starters. And, we prepare our ingredients in not-so-common ways. We are always busy reducing our own syrups, steeping custom tinctures, experimenting with extractions and clarifying fresh juices with centrifuges and stuff!

Experience the Best of the Deep Ellum Bars

At HIDE it’s not really about how we do it. It’s about the quality of the experience we share and setting our guests up to really enjoy the time they spend at our Dallas Bar. We are committed to creating a space for people to hang out, make genuine connections with other people and just RELAX A BIT.

Join us next time you are in Deep Ellum. Pull up a stool and try something adventurous. We bet you’ll be glad you did!