From its inception, HIDE’s commitment to the most creative and delicious cocktails in Dallas, outstanding made from scratch bar food and exceptional service has earned numerous accolades from both local and national publications. A few appear below.

Voted Best Bar of the Year 2018 – Eater Dallas

Each year, the readers of Eater have an opportunity to vote for the bar in DFW they consider the absolute best of the bars in Dallas and in all of DFW. After all the votes were in and the ballots were carefully counted, HIDE was proud to be voted just that – Best Bar of the Year for 2018.

Top 10 Bars in Dallas for 2018 – Culture Map

Thank you to Culture Map for Naming HIDE one of the Top 10 Bars in Dallas for 2018! Culture Map’s Tastemaker Awards honor the best of the Dallas restaurant and bar scene at the beginning of each year. Here is what Culture Map said about HIDE: “Handsome bar in Deep Ellum has serious drinks and a menu to match. They put a lot of thought into what they do, whether it’s the considerate way they group cocktails by intensity level, or the flurry of fresh Parmesan they shave over the Caesar salad. The space is that perfect size between feeling cozy and intimate and yet lively enough to feel like something’s happening.”

Named Best New Bar 2017 – The Dallas Observer

Every year, the staff of The Dallas Observer gets together to decide on the Best of Dallas in a wide ranging number of categories. HIDE was honored as the critic’s choice for Best New Bar of the Year by The Dallas Observer staff! As part of HIDE’s coverage during 2017, The Observer described HIDE as “their favorite cocktail den in Deep Ellum.”

Named one of the Best New Bars 2017 – D Magazine

A big shout out to D Magazine for naming HIDE one of its Best New Bars for 2017! Here is what our good friends at the magazine had to say about our establishment: “This cocktail den is sleek without being stuffy. The drinks are complex but not confusing, many of them made with toys found only at a handful of Dallas bars, like centrifuges and immersion circulators.

There is even an on-site herb garden. Now, combine all this with service that is friendly rather than overbearing, and you have an exquisite night out. The brick-exposed walls and floor-to-ceiling windows place you in Deep Ellum, but this isn’t your average Elm Street dive. The team here has put together a thoughtful and experimental cocktail selection. The clarified, centrifuged sips are a staple. The device rotates with enough force to extract the flavors of whatever fruits and vegetables are added and combines them with the spirits. We suggest the Blind Date: rye whiskey and medjool dates, or the Tally Man, aged rum and bananas.”

Top Cocktails of 2017 – Dallas Morning News

In its article “5 cocktails you should sip right now”, two Hide cocktails were featured! First, some praise was lavished on Hide’s Delight — “Nothing at Hide is simple. The staff just makes it look that way. Mostly when you’re not looking, spirits are “milk washed” and relieved of their harshness, citrus juices are clarified for a pure veneer and soda and tonic water are eschewed in favor of a lighter-handed carbonating device.

The radiant Delight – Jenkins’ low-proof, bittersweet ballet of Italian aperitifs tamed with soft grapefruit and elderflower – is perfectly crisp and flavorful, whirled in a Perlini device for a delicate fizz that curls up on the roof of your mouth………” Then, the writer gave a shout out to Hide’s John Ruiz while singing the the praises of his No Scurvy Here cocktail: “In 2017, Texas saw the coming of Italicus, a lovely bergamot-forward liqueur from Italy; and in this low-proof libation it pairs with Suze, an equally lovely French gentian liqueur.

Ruiz initially set out to produce a Suze “sour” ……… and when bar manager Scott Jenkins brought Italicus to the shelf, Ruiz had his tools in place. With a few tweaks brainstormed with his colleagues, Ruiz’s result is soft bitter orange. Bittersweet bergamot and sweet maple balsamic balance Suze’s earthy bitterness with the abundant citrus – hence the name – playing off the drinks orange notes.”


Top Cocktails of 2018 – Dallas Morning News

In the article “2018’s best in DFW cocktails”, HIDE’s Alpine Blues cocktail was featured as #1 on the list!  Here is what the writer had to say – Scott Jenkin, HIDE resident mixmaster, killed it again this year. The Oaxacan Shaman, his mescal-aguardiented mashup, was masterful, and Quest for the Sun, a sunflower-seed-infused vodka vehicle, was lusciously butter-nutty But, my favorite of all was his Alpine Blues: He missed the mountains, see; a whirlwind trip had filled him with memories of brisk, chilly air and damp ground covered in foliage.

He let his longing inspire this wonderfully balanced reflection of nature’s growth. In his mind, walnut liqueur formed the base soil, deep and rich with decomposing nettles; blueberry influenced alpine bitter liqueur was the surface – “earthy and fruity; there’s still some life in it;” a quinine aperitif and clarified lemon juice were the new growth, with the bitter citrus of biting into a young stem; Singani 63, a botanical Bolivian brandy, was the blossom. “There were specific slopes and colors in my mind,” he said. “It made me have the blues not to be there.”

Best Hot Toddies in America – Restaurant Hospitality Magazine

In the dead of winter, people all over America people seek out something to warm their insides. Many ultimately turn to a hot toddy. So, Restaurant Hospitality decided to scour the country, looking for the best hot toddies in the USA. When the search was over, HIDE’s Mexican hot chocolate cocktail, the Molinillo was named to the list!

We were more than pleased to be on this exclusive list, which was published for National Hot Toddy Day. Here is what Restaurant Hospitality had to say about HIDE’s Molinillo: “National Hot Toddy Day fans can try a chocolate version at this Dallas bar. The Molinillo, named after a Mexican tool used to make hot beverages, is a mix of tequila, black tea, almond, coconut, dark chocolate, cayenne, piloncillo, or an unrefined cane sugar, Aztec chocolate and sarsaparilla bitters……”


Please join us in Deep Ellum soon to enjoy a cocktail, some of our made from scratch food and an ambiance that will whisk you away from the day to day.  Cheers!