At Hide, our cocktails are a work of art. In fact, our Principal Bartender and Director of Beverage Scott Jenkins has 3 advanced degrees from major universities, all focused on Art! Scott uses unique fresh ingredients, his significant creative gifts, and a good measure of mixology experience to invent cocktails along with his experienced and creative team. These libations deliver unexpected flavor with every sip. Given our creative bent, when we were seeking a location for our establishment, we were intent on finding a Dallas home with a keen appreciation for the arts and entertainment.

The Rich History of the Arts in Deep Ellum

The area we now know as Deep Ellum was first settled in the late 1870s. It got its name from Elm Street, and quickly came to be known as “Deep Ellum” with “Ellum” being the common pronunciation of “Elm” by the locals. By the early 1900s, this area of Dallas was a mecca for blues musicians from as far away as Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Deep Ellum was made famous by legendary residents like Blind Lemon Jefferson, “Lead Belly” Ledbetter, and blues pianist Alex Moore. By 1950, the number of blues and jazz clubs in Deep Ellum had climbed to more than 20, from hole-in-the-wall dives to performance spaces like The Harlem and The Palace.

The Premier Entertainment District in Dallas

The arts and entertainment tradition in Deep Ellum has continued in earnest to this day with concert venues, comedy clubs, night clubs, bars and restaurants thriving throughout the district. If entertainment is something you seek, Deep Ellum is the place to find it in Dallas!

Choosing to Become a Deep Ellum Bar

Deep Ellum’s status as a thriving arts and entertainment district, coupled with its deep performing arts heritage made Deep Ellum a natural fit for Hide, a bar dedicated to the art of creative libations.  At Hide, we are working hard to contribute to the legacy that has come before us and we are more than proud to call ourselves a Deep Ellum bar.  Cheers!