A shout-out to The Dallas Observer!!  The popular media outlet just named HIDE’s fried chicken sandwich “One of the best fried chicken sandwiches around.”

Food Carefully Made from Scratch

In HIDE’s kitchen we believe the best fried chicken sandwiches strike a delicate balance of spicy, crispy, creamy and sweet.

  1. To achieve the perfect chicken sandwich, we start with top quality boneless chicken breasts.
  2. Then, we slowly brine each breast in a mix of spices using the French cooking technique known as Sous Vide.
  3. After that, we dunk the poultry in a buttermilk bath before we coat it lightly with seasoned flour.
  4. Next we flash fry the bird to crispy perfection.
  5. As we assemble the sandwich we first slather a toasted bun with our house mayonnaise which is flavored with roasted garlic and spicy Sriracha.
  6. Then this crispy poultry perfection is topped off with crunchy, spicy-sweet cole slaw.

Our $11 sandwich arrives to the table complete with an ample serving of HIDE’s hand cut fries and two house made red-chile-infused pickle discs. The resulting flavors are complex and the crust is thin and light, making the sandwich “just right.”

Pair With an Exceptional Cocktail

The spicy, slightly sweet and crispy flavors of HIDE’s fried chicken sandwich are best enjoyed with an exceptional libation or two from our winter cocktail menu. Our guests can choose a cocktail that is Bottled, On Tap, Classic, Brave, Comforting, Spirited or Refreshing. Or some might be in the mood for a glass of wine or an ice cold beer.

Join us in Deep Ellum Soon

So, please be our guest at our Deep Ellum location sometime soon and order the fried chicken sandwich. No matter what you choose to pair with it, we believe you will agree with our friends from the Dallas Observer… We truly are one of the best Deep Ellum bars.

Cheers and Bon Appetite !!