With a price tag of $50 a shot and more, enjoying the world’s finest spirits has traditionally been reserved for the wealthy. At Hide, we believe this experience should be accessible to everyone, at a price tag everyone can afford. So……. Hide’s Spirited Socialism was born.

Each and every Tuesday at our Deep Ellum bar, our bartenders pull a bottle of fine liquor from Hide’s top shelf. Then they offer a pour of this world-renowned spirit to each guest for about the same price as a cup of coffee – a mere $5. Join us for Spirited Socialism and you can enjoy great spirits such as:

Blade and Bow Bourbon Whistle Pig Boss Hog Rye Whiskey

Casa Dragones Anjeo Tequila Don Pancho 18 Year Rum

Charbay R5 Hop Flavored Whiskey Ichiros Malt and Grain Floor Malt Whiskey

Mescalero no. 15 Mescal Root Rakemelo Greek Premium Liquor

Russell’s Reserve Single Barrel Masters Keep Wild Turkey

To see what fine bottle will be opened and shared each week, check our Spirited Socialism page.