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Deep Ellum is the entertainment center of Dallas. With an eclectic mix of music venues, beer bars, cocktail bars, patios, dive bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and comedy venues, there is something for everyone.

HIDE stands out among all the Deep Ellum bars, having quickly become a local fixture by establishing itself as the gold standard for cocktails in the city. Voted Best Bar of the Year in 2018 and named Best New Bar of 2017, Dallas cocktail aficionados have enthusiastically embraced HIDE’s creative cocktails and great food.


Choose from 16 HIDE signature cocktails, each crafted using unique spirits, specialized ingredients, and creative techniques. This offers everyone an opportunity to enjoy something they may have never experienced before. Or choose something from HIDE’s classic cocktail menu, comprised of expertly prepared renditions of tried and true favorites served by generations of professional bartenders worldwide.

hide is one of the best deep ellum bars
It’s ok to drink from the bottle at HIDE. Choose from Old Fashioned, Black Manhattan, Turbo Shandy and Second Date. Bottoms up!
best cocktails in deep ellum bars
Looking for something refreshing or comforting? Or, maybe you are feeling brave or a bit spirited? You can count on HIDE.
alcoholic drink with rose and gin in downtown dallas
Rose All Day is a delightful blend of rose, gin, grapefruit, lavender and rosehip. So good you might want to drink it all day!
best whiskey cocktails in deep ellum texas
Hickory Dickory Dock blends Irish whiskey, cold brewed coffee, chai tea, sherry, chickory root, condensed milk and black walnut bitters. It puts standard Irish coffee to shame!


HIDE isn’t sitting on its laurels. Instead, innovation is alive and well as HIDE continues to push the Dallas cocktail limits. At HIDE the rule book that has traditionally dictated how cocktails are made has been tossed aside and replaced with a creative, anything goes, experimental approach to cocktail creation.

This creative, free spirit, when combined with years of expert bartending experience produces what many HIDE guests call KILLER COCKTAILS

Cocktails for Every Taste

Twice per year, the HIDE bartending team really let’s its creative juices flow. Working behind the scenes, the team experiments with new spirits, tries out innovative techniques and plays with various flavor combinations. It’s all part of the process of creating exciting new cocktails.

After weeks of work and validation, the HIDE team rolls out an entirely new signature cocktail menu. One menu debuts in the spring and another in the winter.

While popular signature cocktails and classics remain from previous menus, every spring and winter gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy something entirely new!

When a menu is released each signature cocktail is categorized based on its flavor profile and characteristics: Refreshing, Comforting, Spirited and Brave. By CATEGORIZING its menu in this way, each guest can find a cocktail fitting their particular mood or taste preferences.

unique red ginger drink with honey in bar in dallas tx
Left Turn at Albuquerque combines brandy and port with marmalade, carrot, ginger, lemon and a dash of honey to boot. It will take your palate on a delightful ride full of twists and turns!
red strawberry delicious cocktail in deep ellum
Redeye's Agave gin marries the smoky botanicals of the gin with ripe strawberries, bold citrus and floral notes of red bell pepper. Goes down easy!
unique cocktails in downtown dallas
Neptune's Nightcap melds gin and green chile vodka with dry vermouth, kombu, miso, clarified lemon and coriander-dill tincture to create a savory, yet light on the palate cocktail.
vodka cocktail in downtown dallas bar
Sith Lord is a refreshing connection of vodka and cassis with a hint of quinquina and earl grey. These flavors combine to deliver a light, crisp touch on the palate. Cheers!

Exceptional Cocktails

Great cocktails start with the best ingredients. Many of the fresh ingredients that make their way into HIDE’s libations come from an in house herb garden, which is proudly displayed behind the horseshoe shaped bar that is the focal point of the establishment.

Starting with these fresh ingredients, HIDE’s expert bartenders take on the time consuming tasks necessary to create their own tinctures to extract just the right flavor from a given herb.

House-made bitters are carefully produced as well. In this way HIDE can ensure the bitters in each HIDE cocktail contain the exact flavors needed.

Every spirit that makes its way into a HIDE signature cocktail is carefully selected for its unique characteristics and what this flavor profile brings to each libation.

In House Infusions

And, finally, a number of HIDE’s signature cocktails contain spirits that are infused with unique flavors. All spirits are infused in house using a variety of methods so exceptional liquors like the dark and golden raisin rum in HIDE’s Sun Made cocktail can bring unique pleasure to HIDE’s cocktail guests.

hide dallas happy hour
The Parasol combines Hayman’s Navy Strength and Barr Hill gins with Luxardo, vermouth, absinthe and rhubarb-fennel to create a floral cocktail that is anything but dainty!
cocktails and cool bars in dallas
Dark and golden raisins, along with plums infused into Cana Brava rum allow the SunMade cocktail drinker to bask in a spectrum of flavors. Cheers!
best drinks in dallas
Want a spirited cocktail made with overproof rye or one made with 12 year old scotch? Decisions, decisions……. Why not do both?
deep ellum bars dallas tx
Quest for the Sun melds sunflower infused vodka, fino sherry and a hint of butterscotch infused with Perlini carbonation. A bold cocktail that tastes like victory, but don’t fly too close to the sun!

Best Bar Food in Dallas

The cocktail excellence at HIDE is complemented with made from scratch food, considered by many to be the best bar food in Dallas. In fact, HIDE’s food is so tasty, Thrillist named HIDE to its 2017 list of Best New Restaurants in Dallas. Much like HIDE’s cocktails, each item on the food menu starts with high quality, fresh ingredients.

HIDE’s comfort food with an upscale twist delivers enjoyment for discerning palates while keeping everything relaxed. Options include a number of items to share like pimento cheese fritters, sourdough toast with poached fig, goat cheese and prosciutto, dirty tots and more.

The collection of entrees includes one of the city’s best cheeseburgers, ahi poke tacos and a Caesar steak salad.

Signature Brunch

The brunch menu includes HIDE’s signature baked eggs, house made monkey pull apart bread, fried chicken bowl (a real hangover cure!), chicken and waffles and more. Of course, a selection of delicious cocktails made specifically for brunch adorn the menu as well.

best brunch in downtown dallas
Baked eggs 3 ways, fried chicken bowl, waffles, sticky buns and much more! Every Saturday and Sunday from 11 AM.
brunch and cocktails in downtown dallas
Brunch with no booze is just a rather dull, late breakfast!
best tacos in deep ellum
Comfort food with an upscale twist. Many say it’s the best bar food in Dallas. Bon Appetit!
best deep ellum food
Share 'em or keep all the tots for yourself. And, don’t forget a HIDE signature cocktail or two!

Personalized Bar Experience

Service is a hallmark of the HIDE experience. Sometimes a guest just doesn’t know what cocktail might be best for the evening. Maybe there is a question about pairing a cocktail with a certain food item. Or, perhaps “something different” just might be in order. HIDE’s staff, comprised of expert bartenders and experienced servers is always happy and eager to assist with recommendations.

best happy hour dallas
Knowledge, a service oriented attitude and skillful execution combine to deliver cocktail excellence to every HIDE guest.
deep ellum bars and restaurants
Perlini carbonation infuses your favorite sparkling cocktail with champagne sized bubbles. Made to order, only at HIDE.
fun bars in dallas
Creative, delicious signature cocktails along with perfectly crafted renditions of classics you have come to love. Whatever your desire, find it at HIDE.
bars in dallas tx
Order up a signature cocktail or a classic. Or, tell us what you like and we will make something just for you. Cheers!


HIDE’s ambiance enhances every guest’s enjoyment. The striking interior marries the industrial feel of a vintage warehouse with the chic look of a tiled horseshoe bar, floating liquor shelves and Venetian plaster walls. It adds up to an ambiance many guests describe as a bit classy, but very laid back.

It all makes HIDE perfect for a date night, brunch with family or a night out with a group of friends.

Looking for something refreshing or comforting? Or, maybe you are feeling brave or a bit spirited? You can count on HIDE.
best first date bars dallas
An ambiance that is sleek without being stuffy. Service that is attentive without being bothersome. Come to HIDE and make yourself comfortable!
hide is named the best bars in deep ellum tx
Drop in an see us soon and experience HIDE for yourself. Cheers!
best drinks in dallas
Want a spirited cocktail made with overproof rye or one made with 12 year old scotch? Decisions, decisions……. Why not do both?

Join us soon in Deep Ellum

Next time you are looking to spend a few hours or a whole night on the town, head to Deep Ellum and experience HIDE for yourself. You’ll see why we are considered the gold standard for cocktail bars in Dallas.

We look forward to serving you and helping you enjoy something altogether new. Or, possibly help you savor a great preparation of a tried and true favorite. Either way… “Cheers!”


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