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HIDE’s Deep Ellum Cocktails Featured on Liquor.com

Liquor.com featured HIDE’s “Colonel Mustard, in the Study, with a Candlestick” and the popular “Turbo Quaker” cocktail in 2 separate feature stories in December, introducing HIDE’s Deep Ellum cocktail bar to liquor.com’s 2 million monthly visitors for the first time. Thank you Liquor.com!

11 Hottest Cocktails To Drink in Bars Now: December 2017

 One of the favorites at HIDE’s Deep Ellum bar is the mustard-infused Tequila cocktail Colonel Mustard in the Study, with a Candlestick. Here is what Liquor.com had to say about this creative libation in its “11 Hottest Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now” feature story:

“Going experimental and molecular in Dallas’ Deep Ellum ’hood, Hide still stays soulful despite its elevated use of smoke infusers and carbonators. Director of beverage Scott Jenkins brings his sommelier palate and art background to creative drinks like the Colonel Mustard, in the Study, with a Candlestick. This whimsical nod to the board game Clue starts just as you’d think: with mustard. With mustard seed infused in tequila, the cocktail also includes a lively mix of Strega liqueur, clarified lemon, aged Gravenstein apple, white balsamic and agave. The result is a silky, layered drink of spicy mustard and baked apple, with a tart lemon pop on the finish.”

Check out the full article — https://www.liquor.com/slideshows/new-december-drinks-2017/3/#gs.o1ZOLoY

11 Great Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now

The Turbo Quaker cocktail, inspired by the childhood memories of HIDE’s Principal Bartender Scott Jenkins, is a bourbon cocktail with a flavor profile unlike any you have experienced before. Here is what Liquor.com had to say about the Turbo Quaker in the recent feature story “11 Great Holiday Cocktails to Drink in Bars Now” —

“….. The Turbo Quaker is a holiday-worthy cocktail meant for chilly nights. Bourbon is fortified with an infusion of steel-cut oats and milk-washed applejack brandy, imparting a velvety mouthfeel to the drink’s apple-baked profile. Layers of flavor are compounded with sherry, cinnamon, walnut bitters and more frothy-silky texture (not to mention nutty goodness) from pecan orgeat and egg white.

Join us in Deep Ellum Soon for an Exceptional Cocktail

 Whether your palate tends to favor a classic libation or you are more inclined to experiment with something out of the box, HIDE has a cocktail just for you. Join us soon and experience HIDE for yourself!



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